Montauk Fishing Charters for SHARK & BASS Combos. Montauk Fishing Charters Capt. with 40 yrs. of Montauk Shark Fishing experience Fishing in Montauk Catching Fish.

The "MOVIN ON" - Montauk Fishing Charters - Fishing in Montauk Long Island is a leader in Montauk fishing charters for catching shark & striped bass.

Montauk Shark Fishing, Trophy Striped Bass, Montauk Tournament Fishing and fishing in Montauk Long Island are our expertise. Montauk fishing charters provide the best striped bass and shark fishing charters on the East Coast and the "Movin On" is one of the most experienced montauk fishing charter boats setup to catch fish - especially Montauk Shark Fishing!

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85 Benson Drive
Fishing From Star Island Yacht Club
Montauk NY 11954
(631) 668-4502



I am determined to make your montauk fishing trip worth it! Fishing in Montauk for shark & striped bass is what I do best! I have been fishing in Montauk, Long Island for over 40 years. Offshore Montauk fishing includes tuna and shark fishing and Inshore Montauk fishing consists of striped bass, blues, and fluke.

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Montauk Fishing Charters
Sailing from Star Island Yacht Club
Movin On - Montauk Fishing Charters
The MOVIN ON is a maximum 6 passenger Montauk fishing charters boats custom for catching shark striper bass and fluke in Montauk Long Island fishing waters.

For more info about Montauk fishing charters or fishing Montauk in general contact the
the Movin-on Fishing Charters Captain.

For smaller montauk fishing charters checkout the Montauk Fishing Charters Let's Go Fishing Boat that can handle 1-4 passengers.

The Movin On & Lets Go Fishin are set up for catching shark, bass, tuna & blues inshore and offshore in Montauk Long Island Fishing waters ~ especially shark fishing!
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Montauk New York Driving Directions
Many clients travel to Montauk New York from NYC, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey to take advantage of the Movin On Montauk Charter Fishing boats.
Driving instructions to Montauk
(Montauk's zip code is 11954)

Montauk Fishing Tournaments - Call for availability

The MOVIN ON and Montauk Fishing Charters - the sport fishing capital of the world for Shark and Striper fishing!

The Movin-On - Montauk Fishing Charters - is fishing in Montauk Long Island out of Star Island Yacht Club. I fish both Inshore for Stripers and offshore for Sharks in Montauk throught the Montauk fishing season. All Montauk Fishing Charter boats and Montauk Fishing charters run from May to November. Montauk Charter fishing can be half day, full day, or extended day canyon trips. The MOVIN ON Lets GO FISHIN offers special Montauk fishing trips to accommodate all salt water sport fishing desires.

Both fishing boats are diesel powered, and fitted for more speed. Extended day trips of Montauk are made easier and give you more fishing time.

Montauk fishing charters range from Inshore - flounder, summer fluke, porgies, bluefish, and striped bass. Off Shore includes shark and tuna. Tuna fishing types are albacore, yellow fin, and blue fin tuna. Montauk fishing grounds are considered the most productive fishing grounds in the world.

All tackle used on the MOVIN ON is top of the line. Nothing but Penn International 30TW-50TW's are used for all tuna and shark fishing trips. For more on-line information about the MOVIN ON and Montauk Fishing Charter boats.

To request information or setup up a montauk fishing charters trip contact me, your captain.

MOVIN ON - Montauk Fishing Charters - Fishing in Montauk, Long Island

For additional information about shark fishing in montauk visit

For additional information about tuna fishing in montauk visit

Trophy Striped Bass
Trophy striped bass fishing trips can be half, full, or extended day trips.

Canyon Trips
Think big! Shark and tuna fishing trips are full and extended day trips.

MOVIN ON Sportfishing Charter Pictures
shark fishing extended day - Montauk,NY bass fishing half day - Montauk,New York tuna fishing full day - Montauk,NY

All fish belong to the customer. I always stress conservation. I strongly recommend that you only take what fish you can handle without wasting this resource. I definitely advocate tag & release of all fish, but it is the customers choice of what they want to do with the fish.

The MOVIN ON and Lets GO FISHIN are modern fully equipped offshore/inshore sport fishing boats. Since they are both open sportfisherman (meaning no fly bridge), the Captain will always be close at hand and can operate the boat with out a mate. I have found over the years that many customers prefer getting involved directly with the action of the fight, however I as the Captain do all the necessary cockpit work that is generally performed by the mate.

All policies for the MOVIN ON are the same for the Lets Go Fishin.

From 1 to 6 Passengers Maximum
Half Day (5 hrs) $800
3/4 Day (7 hrs) $1200
Inshore - Full Day (9 hrs) $1400
Offshore - Tuna / Shark (10 hrs) $1800
Special Extended Day $2500
From 1 to 4 Passengers Maximum
Half Day (5 hrs) $700
3/4 Day (7 hrs) $900
Inshore - Full Day (9 hrs) $1000
Offshore - Tuna / Shark (10 hrs) $1300
Special Extended Day $2000
Montauk fishing charter boats require a $300. deposit or 1/2 the value of the selected trip.

Prime Montauk Fishing Seasons in Montauk Long Island
TUNA July/August/September July - October
SHARK June/July/October June - October
MARLIN July/August July - August
STRIPED BASS June - December
NIGHT TIME (Trophy Striped Bass) August - October (full moon periods only)
DAY TIME (Trophy Striped Bass) May - November
BLUEFISH July - November
Fluke June - September May - September
Porgies June - September June - October

To Setup a montauk fishing charter boats trip call (631) 668-4502

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